Title: Ice House ‘Galleries’
Client: Facts + Fiction Germany/ ING Diba Bank
Category: international
Location: Frankfurt, Germany & Oberhausen, Germany

The Creative Brief: ‘Can you build an ice house’? The initial enquiry sent to ‘info@theicebox.com’ in November was the first contact made by Fact + Fiction, a Live Communications company based in Cologne, Germany. Following a phone call to investigate the enquiry further, The Icebox urgently responded by flying their creative head to Cologne within 24 hours to provide a presentation of the company, its credentials and to get a ‘face to face’ detailed brief. The brief was to build a life size single storey house of 450 square metres – made entirely of ice – completely fitted with ice furniture, chairs, tables, bathroom, kitchen and various decorative features and details. The ice house would be the first to be built in Europe in non-arctic temperatures. The ice houses were part of a national marketing and advertising campaign throughout Germany which involved 6 ice houses in 5 major cities in Germany – over an 8 week period. With 4 German based ice companies competing for the project, The Icebox was successful in securing the contract to create 2 Ice Houses, one in Frankfurt, the other in Oberhausen.
Innovative Solution: The Icebox, working with selected local expert production companies and architects, pre-planned these major installations with military precision. Ice was shipped from the US and Canada, honed and prepared in their London studios and transported by 9, specially prepared 18 wheel trucks to each site. The Ice Box team of 24 sculptors and crew, took just 72 hours to build the ice houses. The ice houses were on display for 6 days in each location, and The Icebox team managed maintenance, lighting & production and drainage control on each site. The ice houses were the largest ice construction project undertaken in Europe, outside Arctic conditions. Even the dismantling and removal of the ice houses was a major challenge and significant project on its own, all handled by their expert team.
Dynamic Result: Each of the houses were open to the public for a six day period in city centre locations, attracting over 20,000 visitors in each location, resulting in extensive international and local press coverage AND an overwhelmed client!
“An exciting, fascinating, cold, attention catching, media effective, visitors attracting, professionally organized and executed promotion has come to an end. The extremely satisfied and happy customer, the positive media feedback and the all expectations exceeding visitor numbers in the largest Icehouse in Europe show, that we have all together done a fantastic job.
Since we didn’t only survive the final presentation with the customer, but were covered with praise for the good work, we want to take this opportunity and pass this gratefulness on each one of you and your team. We want to officially thank you for your commitment towards this project, your perseverance despite the low temperatures, As well as for your never-ending readiness for use. In spite of some challenges we encountered throughout the way, together we managed to turn this innovative promotion tour into a great success.
So what we want to say in short version is: thank you for being a great part of this success. We look forward to hopefully work with you again on another exciting project, might not be as cold as this one!
All the best and warm wishes from one of the locations of the ‘coolest’ Icehouse in Europe”
facts+fiction GmbH
Jorg Krauthauser – Director

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