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How to make the perfect G&T…. According to the experts!

While ice is arguably one of the most important ingredients in your cocktail it’s also the most overlooked one…

As summer hits and we are all stuck at home experimenting with new things, The icebox has collaborated with the likes of the Cocktail Circus and James Bowker Drinks to keep the cocktail recipes at home coming along nicely and the mixologists from loosing their touch.

In celebrating World Gin Day last week, we took to the streets to get some advice on the perfect gin… A recent article from Independent stated that the ‘perfect gin and tonic includes ginger, a mint sprig and a generous amount of ice, all served in a balloon glass’ – Bombay Sapphire senior ambassador Sam Carter.
Mr Carter recommended using lots of ice when making a gin and tonic, as the ice supposedly melts at a slower rate when there is more of it in the glass and thus keeps the drink nice and cold.
Guess what? He is RIGHT!

Experts have revealed there is one mistake many of us are making that’s having an impact on the taste of our well-earned G&T.
Not using enough ice.

Not only does ice make your gin perfectly cold, it also makes it taste nicer. The colder the drink, the less dilution, and more flavour there is.
Greenall’s gin Master Distiller Joanne Moore told that “Your glass should be filled with lots of ice cubes,” Joanne added. “This dulls the effect of alcohol in your mouth, meaning the drink is more pleasant to taste.”
And it’s not just upon serving your gin that it should be kept cold, the spirit should be chilled before serving, and if you can, keep it in your fridge before using.
The larger surface area of a super cube allows microscopic imperfections to give the carbon dioxide in your tonic a lot more opportunity to form into bubbles than standard ice would. More bubbles mean more of that glory.

As summer hits, we run the risk of drinks melting quickly and …. Dilution! Pillar ice or a large cube or shard will chill down your drink quicker, is much slower to melt than an average cube because of the crystal-clear carving dense ice we use. Colder drinks mean the integrity of the ice is maintained for longer keeping your drink fizzy and cold for longer too!

No one likes a warm G&T after all…

Cocktail Circus owner and grand ambassador of Grand Marnier UK and bar manager at Mews of Mayfair celebrated world cocktail day with a scrumptious Victoria Highball. Using handcrafted empress1908 gin – a micro distilled botanical gin, absentroux (herbal wine), pineapple syrup and tonic all perfectly crafted in a high ball glass with an icebox crystal clear large ice pillar- basically a chunk taking up the entire glass! Subtle earthy notes and an all-natural indigo hue with the addition of citrus and botanical gingery cinnamon bark flavours.
Check out the full recipe over at @cocktailcircus.