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The Power of Ice – Alfie the Ice Dog

Over the years, Icebox has been involved in some of the most interesting, thought-provoking and unusual campaigns that really highlight just how powerful ice has become as a brand marketing tool.  Due to its tactile nature and the fascination consumers have with ice, it’s a simple but sure-fire way to promote brand recognition and drive engagement, either live on site through the experience, or via social media channels. The ultimate goal of any brand team – lasting memory, engagement and interaction.

Commuters passing by Observation Point on the Southbank last month will have certainly noticed (crowds permitting!) a giant ice dog, commissioned by UK pet experts, Petplan. The dog, nicknamed Alfie after the UK’s most popular dog name this year, was brought to life on a hot summer’s day to raise awareness of the importance of keeping pets safe in the summer heat.  Alfie was a barking success with passers-by and made a real impact in delivering its message of pet safety.  Alfie was listed on the Evening Standard’s ‘picture of the day’ and received an overwhelming amount of interaction on social media.

Our client from Petplan said, “The team at Icebox was incredibly professional, accommodating and enthusiastic about our project. They were very helpful throughout the whole process, from sourcing quotes through to delivery and beyond. The level of customer service provided was next to none, and we were very impressed by the level of detail included on Alfie. He was handsome, engaging and most importantly – brought the important message of summer safety to life.”

We were thrilled to be able to show the Power of Ice as a unique brand marketing tool.  For more information on these high impact, media friendly campaigns or to enquire about your future projects, we can make it happen for you, give us a call to chat through your ideas, you can contact us on or 020 7498 0800.