Be creative, learn a skill and have fun with the perfect Ice Breaker.

About us

Since 1993 we have been working with some of the world’s leading brands, we finds icy solutions to promote brands, products and to ‘shock and awe’ using ice. We are CREATIVE, DYNAMIC and INNOVATIVE and are always thinking of new ideas – that’s why we’ve created ICE BREAKERS, the ultimate team building activity! Our Ice Breakers Ice Sculpting workshops are a unique and innovative team building activity giving participants an opportunity to try their hands at ice carving.  Guided by our expert ice artist, groups will be taught carving techniques whilst watching a thrilling live carving demonstration, after this, the tables turn and it’s their time to have a go!


CEO’s from global companies to regional sales teams.  The team have been leading the way in the global and UK ice carving industry since 1993, working in corporate headquarters, hotels, conference centres, restaurants, bars and museums.  From Guernsey to Glasgow, we thrive on providing creative, innovative solutions to exceed our client’s expectations and believe Icebreakers in the COOLEST teambuilding activity around.  The workshops are fun, engaging and encourage individuals to work together as a team in a fun and relaxed way.

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World leaders in Ice

We’ve been leading the way in the global and UK ice carving industry since 1993.  Our ice sculptors push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ve suspended working electric lights in ice, carved ice chandeliers, ice cars, aquariums, ice houses, permanent and semi-permanent pop-up ice installations and beyond.

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Award winning

Throughout our 22 years, we have received multiple awards recognising our talent across the event and ice carving industry.  Icebox has featured heavily in the International and UK press and TV and our ice sculpting workshops became a key feature at the annual UK Ice Carving Festival