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These are not your average ice cubes, but precision-cut cubes carved from our crystal-clear carving ice, designed to last longer and enhance your drink experience.

Our cocktail ice cubes are specially crafted to melt five times slower than traditional ice cubes with air trapped inside. This means your drinks stay cooler and stronger for longer, without becoming diluted. Say goodbye to watery G&Ts and hello to a perfectly chilled and flavorful drink.

Our 5cm and 6cm bespoke cocktail ice cubes are currently the popular picks among cocktail enthusiasts, but we can customize the size according to your preferences and desires. Plus, our team can also carve corporate logos or brand designs onto these cubes, and freeze in fruits, petals, or fresh herbs – the possibilities are endless! We are the specialists in all things cocktail ice and can bring your creative visions to life.

  • Carved to order
  • Loose & fresh guaranteed

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