Icebox is UK and Europe's number one ice specialist, continuously breaking
boundaries whilst maintaining the highest level of style and creativity.

about us

Since 1993, Icebox has been leading the way in bag ice delivery service. We are the premium suppliers of cubed ice, crushed ice, dry ice and all speciality ice and London’s Hospitality industry has been enjoying our service for some time.


We have a small fleet of vans that deliver 7days a week, from 8am until past peoples bed time. For our regular customers we can cover the whole of London and beyond, we have even delivered ice cubes to France and Japan! However, to allow us to keep our reputation of the best ice service in London, our focus is very much on Central London, especially for first timers and one offs so please do be understanding if we have to decline to serve you.

Ice fact

world Leaders in ice

We’ve been leading the way in the global and UK ice carving industry since 1993. Our ice sculptors push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’ve suspended working electric lights in ice, carved ice chandeliers, ice cars, aquariums, ice houses, permanent and semi-permanent pop-up ice installations and beyond. We thrive on providing creative, innovative solutions to a client’s needs and managing complex logistics and crazy deadlines.

blue stripes

award winning!

Since 1993 we have received multiple awards recognising our talent across the event and ice carving industry. Icebox has featured heavily in the International and UK press and TV; the chances are if you have seen an ice sculpture in your life, it is most likely one of ours!