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Ice is the universal ingredient to almost every cocktail, not only controlling the temperature of the drinks and maintaining the purity and dilution but adding to the final look and drinks experience.  Our crystal clear chipping bar blocks are hugely popular with our specialty cocktail barmen & women when creating the perfect cocktail serve using a theatrical bar display.  The ice-chipping bar blocks are made from our crystal clear ice which is released of oxygen as it freezes.  This process results in the ice melting at a much slower rate than conventional ice cubes – the essential ingredient for an undiluted cocktail!

Our ice-chipping bar block measures 50cm x 25cm x 20cm.  We also offer 12kg bags of shard ice (see ice products) for pre-chipped cocktail ice or else take a look at our Bespoke Cocktail ice if you would rather purchase pre-made precision-cut clear ice cubes.  Make your cocktails the most Instagramable cocktails in London with the icebox ice! 

  • Produced daily
  • Loose & fresh guaranteed
  • No minimum order

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