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Introducing our Logo Ice Cubes, a unique blend of creativity and refreshment that adds a touch of flair to your events. These logo ice cubes are an innovative way to showcase your brand or message, available in two distinct styles: Snowfill Engraving and Ice Stamp.


Snowfill Engraving: Bring your logo to life with Snowfill Engraving. We carefully carve your design into the ice cubes with white snow, resulting in a bold and eye-catching effect. When the light dances across the etched surface, your logo stands out, creating an intriguing visual experience.


Ice Stamp: For a more cost-effective approach, consider our ice stamp technique. Your logo is imprinted onto the ice cubes using a specialized stamp, creating a clear and defined impression. The tactile embossing of your logo on the ice adds an interesting element to your drinks.

Our Logo Ice Cubes are a great addition to corporate events, weddings, or any special occasion. Not only do they keep your drinks cool, but they also add a creative touch to your beverage presentation.


Key Features:

  • Personalized logo or design
  • Available in various sizes
  • Choose between Snowfill Engraving or Ice Stamp techniques
  • Enhance brand visibility in a subtle yet effective way
  • Perfect for corporate events, celebrations, and promotions

Elevate your event with our Logo Ice Cubes – a simple yet impactful way to infuse your brand into every sip. Let your logo melt into the memories of your guests and create an unforgettable impression.


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