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Title: 1m wide replica of the Mars logo in ice
Client: Freud Communications
Category: coroprate-branding-and-logos, branded-ice-sculptures, logo-sculptures, snowfill-and-colour-logos
Location: Below Zero, Heddon Street

Thirty members of the press braved the cold to attend the Mars launch of their new ice cream packaging, at Below Zero Ice Bar in Heddon Street.  Commissioned by Freud Communications, Icebox created a stunning 1m wide replica of the Mars logo in ice. Five smaller ice cubes were displayed around the venue’s Reindeer Room, with each of their most popular ice cream products suspended within the ice. A unique and effective way to present the new packaging.  The Mars logo was created using a technique called ‘colour-filling’. This provides a considerably more vibrant effect than freezing printed logos into ice sculptures. To create a colour-filled design the logo is carved in reverse into the back of the ice, the different elements of the logo in slightly varying depths. These layers are then filled with a special paint based mix – the entire process takes several hours – and the effect is truly stunning.  We’re proud to say this is possibly one of the most complex colour logos we have created in recent years, and are extremely pleased with the end result.

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