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Title: BBC Frozen Planet II
Client: BBC Studios
Category: icesculptures, 3dicesculptures, logo-sculptures, snowfill-and-colour-logos, product-launches-and-promotions, live-carving-displays, interactive, experimental-and-jaw-dropping
Location: Royal Albert Hall, London

For the launch of Frozen Planet II, we were honoured as Hans Zimmer and AURORA unveiled ice sculptures of emperor penguins and polar bears designed to highlight the challenge for survival ahead of BBC Earth Prom and Frozen Planet II, the forthcoming Sir David Attenborough-narrated landmark series from BBC Studios Natural History Unit for BBC One.

As the statues slowly melted, we were reminded of the impact of global warming on our frozen worlds and the challenges faced by a heroic cast of animals, from polar bears to penguins, snow monkeys to Siberian tigers, each species must overcome a unique set of challenges to endure its extreme environment .For this project, only natural ingredients (water) were used and the recyclable plinths were designed to collect the meltwater and then reused to water the plants around the Royal Albert Hall.

Jonny Keeling, Head of Natural History Unit said: “I’m thrilled to see Frozen Planet II arriving at the Royal Albert Hall with these amazing penguin and polar bear ice sculptures for the whole family to enjoy while being reminded of the challenges these animals face in the extreme frozen worlds”.

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