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Title: Deliveroo’s Ice Lounge Promotional Stunt
Client: Deliveroo
Category: icesculptures, 3dicesculptures, pop-up-bars, coroprate-branding-and-logos, logo-sculptures, product-launches-and-promotions, photoshoots, interactive, experimental-and-jaw-dropping
Location: Southgate, Bath

To celebrate Deliveroo’s third birthday in Bath, an ice lounge experience was created on the courtyard outside Southgate Shopping Centre offering free food for those brave enough to sit on the chilly ice sofa and chair.   Members of the public were invited to ‘chill out’ on the frozen furniture to enjoy food from local Deliveroo favourites in Bath.   As Joe Groves from Deliveroo said “we all love tucking into a take-away on our couches at home … so what better way to Deliveroo and chill (literally) in those final rays of British sun than on a frozen living room in the middle of Southgate Shopping Centre?”

The ice lounge is a great example of how Icebox can promote a brand and message through the power of ice.



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