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Title: Disney’s FROZEN London Film Premiere, Leicester Square
Client: Premier Public Relations Ltd
Category: icesculptures, 3dicesculptures, coroprate-branding-and-logos, branded-ice-sculptures, logo-sculptures, snowfill-and-colour-logos, product-launches-and-promotions, photoshoots
Location: Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square

In the words of Olaf, “some people are worth melting for” and this was certainly the case for our 1.5m Olaf Ice Sculpture who stood proudly at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square for the premiere of Disney’s FROZEN.  Leicester Square was transformed into a magical world of snow, moose’s and ice.  Our Olaf Ice Sculpture was complete with a carrot nose, charcoal buttons and eyes and stick arms.  The FROZEN logo which has now become so recognisable, was engraved in cyan snowfill and was the feature point for celebrity press photos.

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