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Title: “Smirnoff Black Ice Gives Away £50,000 in the World’s Biggest Melting Ice Cube”
Client: Diageo / Borkowski PR
Category: product-launches-and-promotions, interactive, experimental-and-jaw-dropping
Location: Broadgate Circle, London

Icebox designed and constructed a 2.5msq ice cube for Smirnoff Black which was displayed over a two day period.  Members of the public were allowed one minute to retrieve money from the bottles within the ice block.  The Smirnoff Black Ice Cube continued to melt away to reveal a rip-cord attached to a briefcase holding the £50,000 main prize.  The block weighed approximately 10 tonnes and took a sculpting team of three people over 300 hours to make.


Due to the high-profile nature of the event and the interactive nature of the concept, Borkowski PR involved Icebox from conception.  The execution of the event had such intricate planning processes and challenges, the biggest being to confidently control the melt time of the cube with hour by hour recording of melt rates and temperatures.


“Without a doubt, the visuals that Icebox created to help sell the idea in the first place.  As for the final construction, I don’t envy the team that had to fit a 10 tonne ice puzzle together through the night but, true to their word, the block was ready as the World’s press gathered”

Mark Cooper, Van Communications (formally from Borkowski PR)

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