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Title: Eric Almas’ Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot
Client: Eric Almas
Category: icesculptures, 3dicesculptures, product-launches-and-promotions, photoshoots, experimental-and-jaw-dropping
Location: Trondheim Torg / Photo Studio London

Photographer Eric Almas transformed Trondheim Torg Shopping Centre in Norway into a Winter Wonderland scene for a Christmas marketing campaign – all this was achieved from a photographic studio in London.  Almas took photos he had shot of the Shopping Centre on an overcast, snowless day and used them as the framework for the photo shoot backdrop.  Next, he took close up photographs of the miniature building ice sculpture replicas that Icebox had created before finally taking photos of a windswept model against a white photo screen.  With the results of the three photo shoots, he amalgamated the images to create the magical urban icy scene.  It is fascinating to see all the elements and effort that was put in behind the scenes to achieve this final image.

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