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How to make the perfect G&T…. According to the experts!

While ice is arguably one of the most important ingredients in your cocktail it’s also the most overlooked one… As summer hits and we are all stuck at home experimenting with new things, The icebox has collaborated with the likes of the Cocktail Circus and James Bowker Drinks to keep the cocktail recipes at home… Read More

Climate Change Debate Ice Sculptures

Last week, Channel 4 News commissioned Icebox to carve two globe ice sculptures for the televised party leaders debate to confront climate change.  The ‘melting’ ice sculptures stood either end of the panel and according to Channel 4 News Editor Ben de Pear, represented “the emergency on planet earth, not in any human form but… Read More

Dry Ice – The Witch’s Cauldron

In 1835 Charles Thilorier the French chemist observed dry ice. In 1897, Herbert Samuel Elworthy the Englishman patented it, and in 1999, I, Greg Pittard the ‘ice expert’, burnt myself with it – ouch! For those that don’t know the dry ice basics, here you go: It is super-chilled carbon dioxide, super-chilled to minus -80,… Read More

The Power of Ice – Alfie the Ice Dog

Over the years, Icebox has been involved in some of the most interesting, thought-provoking and unusual campaigns that really highlight just how powerful ice has become as a brand marketing tool.  Due to its tactile nature and the fascination consumers have with ice, it’s a simple but sure-fire way to promote brand recognition and drive… Read More

Chilling out in the coolest ice bars

Over the last 25 years Icebox has designed and built in excess of 300 ice bars. Out of these 300, over 20 of these have been a semi-permanent or ‘pop –up’ inside freezer rooms. The idea of why people visit these type of ice bars, what they experience and some background as to how we… Read More

V&A’s Summer Soiree

Icebox was delighted to help bring a flavour of the ‘French Riviera’ to London last week with an array of cooling ice creations for the V&A’s Summer Soiree 2019. Basked in the evening sunlight, the V&A’s beautiful John Madjeski courtyard garden provided a stunning backdrop to the French themed event.  Industry professionals enjoyed meandering around… Read More

Ice and the Art of Cocktails

Icebox has been privileged to have supplied ice to hundreds of the best cocktail creators and innovators in the world. When we started, 25 years ago, the trend for Cocktail Bars run by people who were passionate about the perfect serve was enjoying a revival.  Drinks brands were experimenting, the cocktail style leaders in London… Read More